Best Locations for Grad Photos (USC)

Every spring, thousands of USC Seniors celebrate as they finish their last year, and you know what that's time to take grad portraits! Having taken over 200 sessions my past three years here, here are my recommendations for your upcoming grad photos! Read until the end for a free guide detailing the best times to shoot + potential discounts!


Let's start with the obvious. If you don't have a photo with Tommy or our mascot Traveler, did you even go to USC?? Just one photo is enough, but if you've ever wanted to climb on top of Traveler and never had before, here's your chance! It's easier than it looks:


The classic location for your commemorating shot –– it just screams scholar! Why else would they use it as a stand in for Ivy League schools in films and TV?


The place for student gatherings! Whether to grab lunch with friends, meet with your professors, or have a group study session, TCC is the prime location for all that. The steps also include the 5 traits of a Trojan:


Everyone's favorite location – and mine too! The lighting diffuses perfectly for well-lit photos, and the columns provide an elegant backdrop for your shots. This is also the place that gets the most crowded, so shoot here early if you can!


The top 5 are the classic locations, but there are alternatives like VKC, Doheny, the school of your choice...or anywhere else! As long as the lighting is good, any location is possible!

Thanks for reading, and once again, CONGRATS!! You made it!

Download my free PDF below for tips on ordering sashes and choosing the best times for your session!



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